One-Name Study

The name of Bowdler is an old one. But where did it originate? And how did it spread across the world as it does today?

The purpose of this One-Name Study (ONS) is to try and answer these questions and trace the journey of the Bowdler family through history.
My One-Name Study is therefore a project researching all occurrences of the Bowdler surname, not just my own pedigree.

I am recording geographical distribution of the name and the changes in that distribution over the centuries. I am also attempting to reconstruct the genealogy of each of the Bowdler lines with the overall goal of identifying a single place of origin for the name, ie: Baldwin de Boulers.
Well, aim high I say!

For my study I am adopting a worldwide approach, though all Bowdler families I’ve met so far across the world do originate from the UK.
If anyone has information on the Bowdler surname I would love to hear it, equally if you have questions I am happy to share my knowledge so please contact me.

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