DNA Project

A couple of years ago I took the Ancestry DNA test. This is an Autosomal DNA test which helps find DNA matches on any branch of our family tree going back to around 6 generations.

Somewhat predictably for a Brit it says my ethnicity is:

  • English  39%
  • Scotland  22%
  • Wales  18%
  • Sweden & Denmark  11%
  • Norway  6%
  • Ireland  4%

It has however come up with a lot of useful DNA matches which have helped my general study.

To further my Bowdler study I have also taken the extended Y-DNA test which follows the direct male line, in my case the Bowdlers. This Y chromosome is only found in men and passed from father to son so perfect for our study as it can provide both recent and very ancient matches.

My exact Y-DNA result is Haplogroup R-FTA43130 from the R-M269 Haplogroup which is common in Western Europe. It comes from Haplogroup R-M343, arriving from Africa via the Middle East many thousands of years ago.

Have any other Bowdlers taken this test?

Please do and join my DNA Project at http://www.familytreedna.com/groups/bowdler/

Lets see if we can prove that we really are one family!