Cyril Bowdler Henry

Cyril Bowdler Henry FDS MRCS RCS Eng., LRCP, LDS (1893-1981) was a distinguished dental surgeon, descended from the Shrewsbury line.

Bowdler’s mother was Rose Emily Bowdler of Shrewsbury; his father was Thomas Henry, of Moorgate Park, Retford (sometime Town Clerk of Retford).  Cyril appears to have had two brothers: Allen, who also served in WWI, and Thomas, much younger (?  Cyril married, in 1920, Dorothy Mildred Bradley (1895?-1978), daughter of William Henry Bradley (1864?-1927), Solicitor; Herne Hill & the Temple, and Sarah Jane Bradley.

Bowdler Henry Scholarship
The Scholarship was founded in 1979 by Mr Cyril Bowdler Henry LRCP. MRCS. FDSRCS Eng to enable the selected candidate with a primary dental or medical qualification to acquire a medical or dental qualification respectively in addition.