Early family lines

The Bowdlers remained almost exclusively in Shropshire until the late 1500s. During this time the families were roughly centred on Hope Bowdler, Shrewsbury, Marrington, Ashford Bowdler and Chirbury.

The Heralds Visitations of Shropshire recorded pedigrees of the county gentry. Visitations occurred in Shropshire in 1569, 1584, 1623 and 1664. The College of Arms holds these papers as unofficial records of the Visitations under the names of the various Heralds of the day:  notes of the 1623 Visitation are held in the Vincent papers.

The Harleian Society has published the Shropshire Visitation of the year 1623 based on several manuscript copies, with additions from the two earlier ones of 1569 and 1584. This publication was made in 1889 under editors George Grazebrook and John Paul Rylands.

Pedigrees recorded for the notable Bowdler lines are in the following manuscripts:

  • Harl. MS. 615 – From the Visitation of 1569 by Robert Cooke, Clarentieux King of Heralds
  • Harl. MS. 1241 – From the Visitation of 1584 by Richard Lee, Richmond Herald
  • Harl. MS. 1396 – From the Visitation of 1623 by Robert Tresswell, Somerset Herald, and Augustine Vincent, Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms

Bowdler of Brompton

This line of Bowdlers is believed to come directly from the de Boulers of Montgomery.

Later members of this line adopted the name Gethine though this seems to be seen as a Welsh language equivalent of Bowdler.

Bowdler of Hope Bowdler

This line of Bowdlers is believed to come directly from the de Boulers of Montgomery.

The Bowdler of Harlescott and Shrewsbury pedigree continues from this pedigree.

Bowdler of Ludlow

This is a later pedigree but I believe this line may come from the Bowdlers of Ashford Bowdler. More research is needed on this.

Bowdler of Harlescott and Shrewsbury

This line of Bowdlers are believed to come directly from the Bowdlers of Hope Bowdler.

The Shrewsbury, Bowdle and Madeley lines of Bowdlers continue from this pedigree.

Ridge of Ridge

This line of Bowdlers is believed to come from the de Boullers of Montgomery though I think there are a few generations yet to be identified to provide this link.

The Chirbury line of Bowdlers continues from the Ridges.