The Bowdlers

the genealogy and history of the Bowdler family

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Roger Bowdler

Roger is an author and actor.

His books include:

Hart to Hart , Mayflower, 1982

Queen's Bedfellow, Parnassus P, 1975

Bawd's Footman, WH Allen, 1973

Sense and Sensuality, Falstaff P, 1972

Sense and Sensuality, Sphere, 1972

Soane and Death, Dulwich Picture Gallery, 1996

Voyage of the Snapdragon, Parnassus P, 1976

Magnum PI, Severn Ho. Publrs, 1985

He has also appeared in:

Doctor Who

  Season 03, story 027:'The War Machines', played 'MAN IN MARKET'

  Season 05, story 038:'The Abominable Snowmen', played 'LAMA'

Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (1998)