the genealogy and history of the Bowdler family

Lucy Bowdler

Lucy Bowdler was an authoress who wrote various teenage Stories and for Mills and Boon.

Lucy Bowdler left England when she was 5 years old and went to live in Canada. One of her most vivid memories was our red pillar boxes for mail.

Lucy has visited England with a member of the BFHS and on her first visit in 1956 was taken to Market Drayton where she was born. They went into the local Parish Church where a lady was arranging the altar flowers. While talking to her they were astounded to learn that she was the daughter of the doctor who had brought Lucy into the world!

Her books include:

Sheaf of Gold Mills & Boon, 1970

Janis Hall, Nurse Instructor  Avalon. NY, 1977     

Nurse Sandra's Choice  Avalon. NY, 1978

Unwilling Love Mills & Boon, 1981

The Difficult Patient  Avalon. NY, 1984

Nurse Ann's Fighting Heart Avalon. NY, 1985



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