The Bowdlers

the genealogy and history of the Bowdler family

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Bowdler Family History Society

The Society was formed in 1987 by a group of enthusiastic genealogists interested in all aspects of 'the history of the Bowdler family.  Over the years they prepared many genealogical charts which link Bowdlers living today with existing old Bowdler pedigrees and have been corresponding with Bowdler descendants all over the world.

A great deal of success has been achieved with the cooperation of fellow members who have joined us since the initial stages and in some cases distant relatives have been discovered.  There are many people who are not Bowdler related who have also taken part in research work for us and their active participation is greatly valued.

The founder members, who came from all walks of life, were:

The late Hugh Bowdler - The acknowledged expert on the history of the Family and its genealogy, started in the 1940s and continued extensively till his death in 1988.  Descended from the Meadowtown/Chirbury Bowdlers Hugh was a persistent pursuer in the search for accuracy.

The late Paul Bowdler Keene - Cousin of the late Hugh Bowdler, and also descended from the Meadowtown/Chirbury Bowdlers. Paul and Pat concentrated research in West Shropshire and bordering counties until Paul's untimely death in 1993.

William G Bowdler (Bill) - Born in Argentina but resident in Virginia, U.S.A., Bill is related to Terry and Keith Bowdler through the Madeley line of descent. He researches North America and Canada in pursuit of "exiled" Bowdlers and also has contacts elsewhere including South Africa.

Terry Bowdler - Related to Bill and Keith Bowdler via the Madeley line of descent. Terry, assisted by his wife Joy, has concentrated on research in East Shropshire and neighbouring counties.

The late John C. A. Bowdler - John was descended from the Marton/Chirbury Bowdlers and distantly related to the late Paul and the late Hugh.  John's main interest was historical research into the early Bowdlers/de Bollers.  His forebears researched the Marton branch of the Family in earlier times.  The fathers of both John and Bill were known to each other long before the Society came into being.

Keith Bowdler - Although resident in Australia, Keith was born in Ebbw Vale, South Wales and is related to Bill and Terry Bowdler through the Madeley line.  Keith's wife Freda was born in Boston, Lincs, and she and Keith have produced a large amount of research material for the Society and have contacts in Australia and New Zealand.

The late T,W.E. (Ed) Bowdler - Lived in Florida but was originally from New Jersey, U.S.A. Ed researched America and Canada and his father came from Shrewsbury.  His ancester has been traced to Mid-Wales and there is a possible connection with Chirbury.

Ian Bowdler - Son of Terry and Joy, Ian was responsible for printing and preparatory work for the Annual Meetings.  Ian also produces historical research on the Madeley line and the early Bowdlers/de Boulers...... and also this web site.

From 1987, the society held annual meetings in Shrewsbury,  right in the middle of ancestral Bowdler country. The meetings from 1987 to 1996 were organised by Joy and Terry Bowdler, unfortunately they then had to stop due to ill health. The last meetings held in 1997 and 1999 were organised by Martin and Barbara Bowdler of Shrewsbury.

The list of Bowdlers who attended the meetings and who corresponded with the member grew rapidly. A number of us are still actively researching Bowdler ancestors:

William (Bill) Bowdler

Terry & Joy Bowdler

Ian Bowdler

Keith Bowdler

Russell Robinson

Sue Laflin

Violet Clapp